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What’s Next For The Music Biz?! Universal Music Group Dismantles Distribution Company!!!

Universal Music Group officially dropped the name Universal Music Group Distribution (UMGD), and updated its U.S. structure. In a digital market, where applications like Spotify, Tidal, and iTunes have limited the number of hard copies purchased by consumers; it looks like Universal Music Group will be placing more interest in marketing and e-commerce operations. The Universal Music Group Distribution company will be dismantled, but Candace Berry (previously General Manager of UMGD) will remain as Executive VP of sales. Mike Tunnicliffe, Executive VP of business development will be in charge of previous brand partnership responsibilities. Cynthia Sexton, who was previously Executive VP of brand partnerships for East Coast labels, has been named executive VP of partnership CONTENT. Her main focus is to bring in more revenue and exposure for UMG artists and their work, through the company’s outside partners. One way of doing that would be acquiring more features for UMG artists with more popular artists from partnered brand imprints, such as Young Money for example. UMG will also be bringing in outside talent to help stay afloat in a music industry that has all but collapsed. We know how big of a role culture plays in the types of music we listen to, and even products we buy. So, Todd Goodwin will bring his experience from Sony to UMG as VP of college & lifestyle marketing, working closely with labels to build overall marketing strategies. Peter Sinclair, from will be Senior VP of consumer engagement. His job is to basically come up with strategies to better connect UMG artists with there fans. Christine Webby comes in as Senior VP of artist & label integrated rights, to track and secure ancillary rights and revenues from 360 deals. This is extremely important because in today’s music business a large portion of artists’ revenue comes from non-recorded music (shows, appearances etc.) and endorsements. 360 deals have become the topic of many household discussions; as rumors of artists selling their souls, and becoming members of “The Illuminati” have brought light to a legitimate business practice. However, the light has made many successful independent artists unwilling to sign major record deals. The question being, why get into debt and become a slave to a corporation when digital distribution (as TatWza can attest to) costs next to nothing? Will a focus in marketing change the game for the majors? What does the future hold for the music business as we know it?!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

NEWZ: Jay Z Wins Court Battle Over Masters for ‘The Dynasty’ and ‘The Life and Times of S. Carter’

Jay Z can now get that dirt off his shoulder concerning the court case over ownership of the masters for his albums The Dynasty: Roc La Familia and The Life and Times of S. Carter. Hov was in a custody battle of sorts with former Roc engineer Chauncy Mahan over the works but a judge has ruled in Jigga’s favor and the rap mogul once again owns masters to the platinum selling LP’s outright, according to TMZ. The issue was first brought up last April when it was reported Mahan – a Roc A Fella engineer between 1998 and 2002 – was trying to extort the Brooklyn rap legend for $15 million for the master records of the two LPs, previously thought to be lost. Mahan went on to claim Def Jam asked him to hold on to the records saying that Hov was a “stupid kid smoking blunts” back then. He alleges he continually tried to contact the rapper about the music but was ignored. Mahan went on to sue Jay and Roc Nation last July claiming co-ownership of the six albums created while he was at the label. In September, Hov submitted a motion for dismissal of Mahan’s suit which a judge recently granted ruling Mahan waited way too long to sue.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

#OHGAWD: Medical Marijuana is now Legal in all 50 states… Thanks Congress!

While Congress was caught up with stripping buyer securities and legitimizing bank extortion, they figured out how to slip in a little procurement which made numerous marijuana supporters happy. States that have sanctioned weed for medical purposes will no longer need to stress over government attacks on their operations. The Obama Administration has made it known in a 1603-page federal spending measure provision, which effectively ends the federal government’s prohibition on medical marijuana and signals a major shift in drug policy. They can neither arraign nor attack dispensaries and producers of therapeutic cannabis. While this is empowering, displaying the trust of federal government has refused to hand over… Pretty much a best case scenario. Medical-marijuana-sign Only on the grounds that the Obama Administration will put focus on different issues inside the country, and not imply that a future organization could switch course and start a chase to tackle the restorative maryjane development. As the LA Times reported, “The war on medical marijuana is over. Now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana.” Since the “War on Drugs” started back in the 1970’s the United States has spent more cash battling this than whatever other good social consumption. The U.S. has made an arrangement of detaining a greater number of individuals than all the countries on the planet – combined! Each of the 50 states are influenced by this measure. This does not imply that medical marijuana is readily available in every state. The states should first sanction at their own council for the terms under which medical marijuana will become legal. Today, there are 32 states that have medical pot affirmed. The remaining 18 states need to understand now is the ideal time to get up to speed and put this unpleasant legacy of detaining weed behind us.

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