Saturday, May 30, 2015

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VIDEO: Charlamagne On Chinx's Murder "Fuck The Hood"???

Sunday, May 24, 2015

#FreeMaxB AUDIO: Max B "Satisfied" Freestyle From Prison!!!

NEWZ: Ciara’s Babys Father FUTURE . . . Just THREATENED Her New BF Russell Wilson . . . ON INSTAGRAM!!!

Yesterday showed you pics of Russell Wilson carrying Future's son . . . with Ciara. Well Future ain't too impressed . . . he sent some INSTAGRAM THREATS towards Russell. The comment was posted on Facebook EARLY THIS MORNING - then quickly DELETED. Future is DA HOMIE - so on one hand we KINDA SORTA understand where he's coming from. But he needs to FALL BACK . . . Ciara is a GOOD MOM and she is not going to allow anything INAPPROPRIATE with her new BF Russell. And besides, Ciara is SINGLE . . . and any man she DATES SERIOUSLY . . . is going to have a relationship with THEIR SON. Hopefully Future was just IN HIS EMOTIONS when he left that comment . . . and he doesn't plan on doing anything CRAZY.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

NEWZ: Migos’ Offset Cusses At Judge After Being Denied Bond

Migos member Offset isn’t too happy about being denied bond for a second time Friday (May 8) in connection with the group’s recent arrest at Georgia Sothern University. He showed his disdain by cussing at the judge. According to the Statesboro Times, Offset, born, Kiari Kendrell Cephus, shouted profanities after Bulloch County Superior Court Judge John R. Turner shut down his plea to be freed on bond based on his criminal rap sheet. The judge also factored in a recent fight the rapper got in while locked up. As previously reported, the trio were arrested at Georgia Southern University’s Spring Bling concert on April 18 after their show was cut short by the police. The group exited the stage and were greeted by authorities who questioned the crew and took several people into custody. Quavo and Takeoff were arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession, felony possession of a schedule II narcotic and carrying a loaded gun on school property. Offset faces an additional charge of gun possession by a convicted felon. While Quavo and Takeoff bonded out, Offset was denied bail based on a prior felony conviction. Earlier this week, it was reported Offset would face additional charges of battery and causing a riot in a penal institution after he got into an altercation with another inmate. Because of the legal issues the group has pushed back their Young Rich Nation Tour, which was supposed to start in May, until July.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

NEWZ: Jo Jo Capone Helps End The Game and Young Thug’s Beef!

The Game’s career has been a compelling maze of shifting loyalties. Of course, there was Doctor’s Advocate, the sophomore album that featured plenty of reverence for Dr. Dre, but none of the good doctor’s beats. This week, he aligned himself firmly behind his longtime collaborator Lil Wayne. The Louisianan has been feuding with Young Thug for several weeks now; in addition to the natural split caused by Thug’s relationship with Wayne’s estranged mentor Bryan “Baby” Williams, there’s Barter 6, the provocative title of Thug’s mixtape. Game threatened to beat up Thug, asserting that Wayne has “never been Hollywood, just Hollygrove,” referencing the “Go DJ” rapper’s neighborhood and the site of one of Thug’s recent concerts. But Jo Jo Capone, who has close ties to Game but is affiliated with Rich Gang and Young Money, intervened. He had the following to say on Instagram: I JUST HAD A GREAT PEACEFUL CONVERSATION WITH BOTH OF YALL I WANT TO CONTINUE TO SEE YALL SMILE AND DO WHAT YALL LOVE TO DO SUPPORT YOUR FAMILIES YALL BOTH HAVE CHILDREN AND SIBLINGS THATS ROOTING FOR PEACE SO WITH THAT BEING SAID LOVE YALL WE NEED YALL TO PUT A END TO THE MINOR SITUATION & NOT LET THE MEDIA WHO ONLY CARE ABOUT RATINGS FUEL THE SITUATION LETS LOVE AND RESPECT EACHOTHER PEACE&LOVE. Game confirmed the truce on Twitter:

VIDEO: @FrencHMonTanA - "Hold On" via @WorldStar