Saturday, December 24, 2016

AUDIO: DJ Black Jesus, DJ Don Gee, DJ Omega Red, & DJ L-Gee - 'Fleet Heat 20'

Thursday, February 25, 2016

INTERVIEW: @SyAriDaKid "B4TheHeartBreak" Interview for @TheFLVR!!! #AvailableNow #MixTrapNation #Exclusive

By: Kyle Nelsen @mixtrapnation | Artist: Sy Ari da Kid @syaridakid
2016 has been a breakout year for artist and songwriter Sy Ari da Kid. After the smash hit "Popular" ft K Camp in 2014 Sy Ari da Kid was easily one of the hottest artists and most talented hit makers coming out of Atlanta. 2015 dropping videos to "Popular", "Lit" and "TLC" promoting for his big mixtape "S.O.O.N." Hosted by DJ Holiday & TrapAHolics!
FLVR: Give the little people a lil history of Sy Ari how you have come this far, being on KCamp' s Slum Lords, and becoming a big part of ATL hiphop? I started off battle rapping, the learned how to produced and record on my own. Started on the north side of Atlanta, same place k camp is from which is why we were slum lords together. I feel responsible for being one of the people to put the north side on the map. FLVR: You have become one of the best songwriters of this generation, explain how you are changing music and talk about ur new single "TLC"? I think its all the practice I've put also knowing my sound and challenging myself to try new things with my voice. TLC was a record i wrote and co produced. Didn't expect it to blow up the way it did. But now I get it. Learning what the people wanna hear is key. What words and melodies work. FLVR: Is there any Artists or Producers you wanna do work with on the West Coast? Kendrick, Doctor Dre and Nipsey Hustle are musical gods in opinion extremely dope. I respect them to the fullest FLVR: 2016 Plans, News, Tours, Albums, Mixtapes, Projects? My "B4 the heartbreak" album pretty much. thats all I'm focused on ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Sy Ari da Kid - "B4 the Heartbreak" Available on iTunes Feb 13, 2016. Check out the New Single "Priorities" feat. Bryson Tiller Available on iTunes!

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PREVIEW: @MixTrapNation @DJDonGee #Streets2daBooth30 #Preview #Artwork #MGDJs #MixtapeMobb #FleetDJs #DroppingThisWeekend

VIDEO: @RickyDIP - "Never Left"

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

VIDEO: 50 Cent Disses Meek Mill On Stage! "F*ck Them MMG N*ggas"

NEWZ: Lil Wayne Throws His Microphone in the Air and Walks Off Stage During a Performance in Milan

A representative for Lil Wayne has issued a response about the rapper's walkoff in Milan. According to TMZ, "didn't walk offstage because of the crowd, he was frustrated because the venue experienced technical difficulties and there were problems with his mic." They also added that, "For the record ... it was a sold-out show." Milan Fashion Week is going on right now in Italy, and Lil Wayne is overseas as a performer for Philipp Plein’s show. During Wayne’s performance, it appeared the crowd wasn’t too into it. In the video above, you can see Weezy telling everyone to put their hands up, but nobody really does. As he’s running through “John,” some of his lyrics get bleeped out too. Eventually, he gets fed up, throws his mic in the air, and walks off the stage. It’s unclear whether the crowd knew who Wayne was or they just didn’t understand his music. Whatever the situation, Wayne wasn’t happy about it and reportedly left the venue immediately.